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Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Kellie, author of the upcoming YA thriller THIN AIR, tea drinker, and fan of all things cozy and bookish. I write about brave, smart teens trying to figure out who they are and where they belong. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me reading to my four kids, helping my hubby with DIY home projects, and planning our next family camping adventure.


COMING October 17, 2023 from PenguinTeen

Thin Air book cover with airplane and teens

Eight hours. Twelve contestants. A flight none of them might survive. A flight to Paris full of teenagers seeking opportunity turns deadly in this suspenseful, locked-door YA thriller. Perfect for fans of Diana Urban, Karen McManus, and Jessica Goodman.

Seventeen-year-old boarding school student Emily Walters is selected for an opportunity of a lifetime—she’ll compete abroad for a cash prize that will cover not only tuition to the college of her choice, but will lift her mother and her out of poverty.

But almost from the moment she and 11 other contestants board a private jet to Europe, Emily realizes somebody is willing to do anything to win. Between keeping an eye on her best friend’s flirty boyfriend and hiding her own dark secrets, she’s not sure how she’ll survive the contest, much less the flight. Especially when people start dying…

As loyalties shift and secrets are revealed, Emily must figure out who to trust, and who’s trying to kill them all, before she becomes the next victim.