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Praise for THIN AIR

A fun page-turner. Emily’s first-person narration establishes her as a sympathetic and flawed protagonist. The initial chapter quickly sets the taut line of tension that’s maintained throughout, with each chapter opening with a time stamp marking the plane’s progress across the Atlantic. The fast pace will keep readers engaged, particularly fans of locked-room mysteries.”

—Kirkus Reviews

Emily’s empathetic first-person narration, rendered in assured prose, is a steadfast vehicle that drives readers from one suspenseful scare to the next. There are no snakes on this plane, but the dangers are real in this ticking-clock thriller by Parker.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Stow your tray tables and adjust your seat backs. This is no ordinary murder mystery. Thin Air takes off at the speed of sound, dropping you immediately into the action at 30,000 feet. You’ll need an oxygen mask of your own as the twists leave you gasping and every page-turn propels you closer to an ending you’ll never see coming. A fast-paced, claustrophobic thrill ride of a story that’s perfect for reading on vacation…unless, of course, you’re flying there.”

—Ginny Myers Sain, New York Times bestselling author of Dark and Shallow Lies

“Kellie M. Parker’s Thin Air is an unputdownable thrill ride that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the very end. It kept me up long past my bedtime—readers be warned that you won’t want to put this one down.”

—Stacy Stokes, author of Remember Me Gone

“Horror, the ugly side of competitiveness, and palpable fear permeate Parker’s claustrophobic thriller. The read is truly original, making the most of its inescapable airplane setting. Filled with twists and dread, this novel will thrill those curious about the dark side of human nature and what it means to be a survivor.


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